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HFIAA Surcharges (HFIAA Section 8): Beginning April 1, 2015, a new annual premium surcharge must be collected for each policy as shown below: - $25 for Dwelling Form policies covering single-family primary residences or individual condominium units or apartments in non-condominium buildings used as a.

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  • On April 1, 2017, National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) flood insurance policy premiums overall will increase by approximately 6.3%. Here is specific. • Surcharges/Fees • HFIAA Surcharge • Federal Policy Fee • Probation Surcharge. MAP CHANGE RATING OPTIONS. Map Change Scenarios. 1. Newly mapped into a high risk area 2. Removed from the high risk area 3. Change in type of high risk area 4. Change in BFE 5. No change 6. Key is to Lock In at the. • A new surcharge will be added to all policies to offset the subsidized policies and achieve the financial sustainability goals of BW-12. A policy for a primary residence will include a $25. HFIAA Surcharge: Federal Policy Fee: Probation Surcharge: Endorsement A mount: Total Premium Paid: Coverage Limitations May Apply. See Your Policy Form for Details. First Mortgage: PLANET HOME LENDING, LLC 5023 TROY, Second Mortgage: US j Business .Ädninígtra STE 000 EL PASO,. Not to load on too many fees, FEMA also adds an HFIAA Surcharge to every policy to change things up. For a primary residence, the fee is $25. For every other policy, the charge is $250.00. HFIAA SURCHARGE. TOTAL WRITTEN PREMIUM AND FEES. This policy covers only one building. If you have more than one building on your property, please make sure they are all covered. See Ill. Property Covered within your Flood policy for the NFIP definition of "building" or contact your agent, broker, or insurance company. Please refer to the policy. The $250.00 can be reduced to $25.00 for all primary residence homeowners. All that is required is providing proof to the insurance company that you live in the address on the policy. If your 2015 policy included the $250.00 surcharge, contact your insurance agent or company and provide. the necessary documentation to get a refund of $225.00. excludes HFIAA Surcharge Example 1*: LFE-BFE = -3’ Full-Risk Premium = $8,316 Example 2*: LFE-BFE =0’ Full-Risk Premium = $1,874 RATE USING FULL-RISK RATES! $10,047 YEAR 5 $17,826 YEAR 8. Surcharges – Started April 1, 2015 Annual surcharges applied: •. Assessment (RFA) are all included. The probation surcharge, Federal Policy Fee (FPF), and Congressionally-mandated HFIAA surcharge are not considered premium and, therefore, are not subject to the premium rate cap limitations. As a result, the increase in the total amount charged a policyholder may exceed 18 percent in some cases.

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